December 6th, 2005


Oh God, why?

It's official, 3004 is going to kill me. As if I didn't already get an aneurysm from that class in the first place, the final project needs to be thrown together tomorrow 'cause it's totally due on Wednesday.

Also, how is it that all of my final projects are coming due this week?! It's not even dead week yet! I recall hearing a bunch of my teachers say that this was to "avoid end of semester congestion," but I call bullshit. This is the week I have eleventy-seven bajillion things due. Conspiracy, I tell you what.
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A new day, homework in my way....

WHOROSCOPE: The future isn't set in stone. Today offers a chance to shape where your life goes.

Vaguest. whoroscope. ever. C'mon, dude, every day is like that. Today just determines whether or not I survive writing the final project for 3004... I'm gonna let one of the O RLY? Owls speak for me at this point.

OMGWTFWOW, the O RLY owls have gotten completely out of hand, liek woa. When they have successfully covered Fresh Prince and have an emo owl, you know the O RLY birds are out of control. Still, omg the funny.

Also, faithlynn brought this to my attention the other day, and we laughed until we cried. Who knew untruths about Vin Diesel could be so amusing?
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Just so you know...


No, I mean it! She was in the kitchen, I was by the table, and we were playing when she charged my face. Her shnoz slammed into my cheek bone! She's like a furry nose-torpedo! She was full out running too! If I have a bruise, I'm going to laugh my ass off.
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Panic is my muse... I hope.

Things Wot Must Get done

- Write Final Project for 3004
- Write Journals for 1322
- Memorize scene
- Weep like a small child.
- Watch Anchorman to recooperate.

- Turn in Final Project
- Turn in Journals
- Practice Final Scene in 1322
- Practice Final Project for Survey of Dramatic Literature
- Avoid Dave like the Plague
- Write Final Proposal for Survey of Dramatic Literature
- Write Speech Story for 3101
- Make appointments for News Feature for 3101
- Weep like a small child.
- Recooperate somehow.
- Decide to skip class on Friday

- Skip class on Friday
- Read for class
- Go to Ikea and buy quilt cover.
- Finish Laundry
- Clean apartment.
- Get horribly inebriated.
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