December 5th, 2005


So I'm thinkin'...

It's zero degrees outside. No degree. Doesn't that mean that it should be any temperature I want it to be, if it's no degree specifically? Zero, as we know, has no value. Can't I just attribute it a value of my chosing?


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actually no...

Time for another 3:30 a.m. post.

WHOROSCOPE: You can't achieve every goal you set. Failure will keep you humble -- and hungry.

Whoroscope, this is not what I need to be hearing after this weekend and with finals approaching. So with all due respect, fuck you.

Anyway, for anyone that's interested I got some news that basically poo-poos the local yokel's report of the fire. It's got pictures and everything. I also have a bit of backstory on the house and a video of it burning to the ground! Exciting, no?

ETA: This is totally the best meme ever. Just found it while looking for another entry...and oh man. Clearly, the pre-HBP-theorizing part doesn't really apply anymore... but still.

Wow... we're goin' to hell.

faithlynn and I would like to share our "Morning Breakfast Song."

Fuck youuuuu. Fuck youuuuu. Fuck you fuck you, fuck youuu! Fuck youuuuu. (Faith's Descant: Fuuuuck your mother sidewaaaays.) Fuck you, fuck youuuuuuu. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck youuuuuuu.

We then proceeded to repeatedly sing the words "fuck" and "You" to the tune of Swing Low Sweet Chariot. We are so going to hell and then we're gonna get shot, but it's good to know that there's someone who adequately understands my hatred for both Monday morning and 3004.

Voice Post: Morning, continued

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“Okay, this just deserves mentionioning, because it's so ridiculously hilarious. We're trying to get out of our driveway, which is this hill, and it's really snowy, cause it's Minnesota, and Toca -- Faith's car -- can't always make it up the hill. So we turned around and we went around the easier ways, cause, you know, he was being whiny and didn't want to go up the hill, and then all of a sudden Faith just says -- bust it out, do it --

"Well now you're just lying."

Because apparently he gets a little dyslexic and confuses his odometer with his speedometer, and told us that we were going 24 miles an hour, which is completely false.

"Because then he like, just as quickly went back down to 20 miles an hour...just like his speedometer was the odometer. Uhh."

My car fuckin' lied to me!”

Transcribed by: worthyopponent