November 29th, 2005

i mean uh

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

It's snowing!

I just took the beagle out and it was so peaceful and serene. I swear my body temperature dropped to about 30 degrees, but I had just finished eating french fries from McDonalds and I'm pretty sure the heapload of salt I consumed is what was melting the snow when it landed on me. Let's hear it for high doses of sodium at thoroughly ridiculous hours!

ETA: Also, guess who's totally applying for the A&E reporter position at the Daily? ;)
ETA2: Lookit! Two consecutive after-3 a.m. posts in a row! Somebody is goin' to college!
ETA3: It seems I've been tagged by princessstar for a Collapse )

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Looks like someone's skipping class again...

...Except she doesn't feel well, she e-mailed the rough draft in anyway, and she's got to get the application for the Daily in before 5.

Also, she has to point out her shiny new icon! *points*

The online application for the Daily has died, and this is a ginormous tragedy for yours truly. There is a PDF option that I could open and print but I have neither ink nor paper so I'm going to have to do ... something else. I am deeply amused by the fact that last semester I was way too chickenshit to even apply, but now that Aidan called me for his article and was all, "you should totally apply" I'm all "I can totally do this!" Maybe I'm still on a high from the John Bush article that wasn't nearly as hard to write as I thought it was going to be last night at 2 a.m. Huh... Still, I have to leave my Survey of Dramatic Literature class early so that I can drop it off in person before the deadline and I only just found out about it on Sunday and have been waiting for the online app to come back and aaaaahhhhh!


Shiny new icon, anyway! *points*

Also, this song is delicious.

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