November 8th, 2005


Get me a chisel, I need to open my eyelids.

So guess who couldn't sleep last night? That's right, moi.

I have no idea why, either. I was tired as all get out... however I didn't sleep a wink last night and as a result today has been hilarious. There is so much caffiene in my system, it's a little obscene. However, I am about to go to the retarded goldfish's class, so we'll see who's laughing and who has an aneurysm afterward. It still hasn't dawned on me that I have class until seven tonight, two? assignments due tomorrow, and possibly a recap to write tonight if I really want to catch up...which I do. In other words...

Hi Coffee! How's it goin, Coffee? I like you, Coffee.
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Listen up, boys...

An Open Letter to the Four Boys that have RUINED My Kiosk Experience

Okay Guys in the Hall...
What is it with you and scratching your balls all the way down the hallway? C'mon, do you not realize how awkward that looks? Isn't it a titch embarassing? Oh, and don't even try to act like we don't know what you're doing when your hand is in your pocket. Just because it isn't out in the open doesn't mean it isn't totally obvious.

Baffled but not Oblivious,
Hawk Eyes