July 26th, 2005


Fucking Astronauts: A Satire.

Everyone is so thrilled about the launch of the shuttle Discovery. I, on the other hand, am the only person that seems to have an iota of common sense. I see some hypocrisy. How long has everyone been pissing and moaning about the price of gas? How much was just used to launch a space somersault? Aren't we supposed to be conserving? Another thing, I've always been told that we're supposed to learn from History. If you regard the bible as a history, which I do, I have another issue with this launch. Has the Pope forgotten about the tower of Babylon and people building too high to heaven? We're pushin' it... I tell you what. Also... how many people are complaining about how hot summer is? How many people are freaking out about skin cancer? How many environmentalists are enraged by the greenhouse effect? In short...


Do a flip in outer space, or preserve planet earth? You decide.
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