March 6th, 2005



Gahhhh!!! 55 Degrees!!! *dances pastoral dances* This weather makes me want to hug e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! So much love! So much Joy!

... maybe I am a boxer. Dammit!

AAAAAAAAHHH!! AAHHH!!! SUBLIME! PERFECT! I'm going to listen to this ALL DAY! ... if I can ever hear again. *deaf from bass* I forgot how loud my speakers can get, we've been keeping it on the dl as of late. Yeah, that's gonna stop.

Seriously, we're going to go outside, read/draw, drink coffee, and do whatever else you do on gorgeous fucking days like this. I really wish we had a frisbee. Then Faith could throw it, and I could go get it! And then she could throw it again! And it would NEVER stop being fun!

...ok, so that's definitely labrador. Plus, I am not a leash eater. < /end tangent>

Now all I need is for neighbor girl to get done showering, and then I can shower, and then we can go outside and frolic, scamper, and be very, very, obscenely merry.

P.S. Bought the tickets. This time next week, guess where I'll be headed? EEEEEE!
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The Rock on the Daily Show

...I love how whenever anyone says the word "Doom", their voice drops two octaves. MENACING!

The Rock: "The wonderful thing about Doom..." ... ahahhaa!! ... is how it sounds?
Hilarious interview, anyway. Check it out on

Why is that word so fun?

DOOM! Doooom. Doom doom DOOM! Doomy doom doom DOOM! DOOOOMMMMAAAAHHHH!!
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