February 1st, 2005


Random snippet of useless information...


Wait wait wait... hold up, self. There is no need for what-the-fuck-age, we know exactly why the we're tired. It's called insomnia. That and staying up until quarter to four in the morning when one has to wake up at 8 in the goddamn morning. Got a late start on the sleeping thing, and then couldn't sleep. Not cool. Intro to Theater was painful like whoa. I don't care what Branislav says, Oedipus Rex will never ever in a million and eleventy-seven years be a good, quality, enjoyable play. More on this later... I've got to go eat and then draw with crazy lady for three hours.

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Part II

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Back to dear old Oedipus. During lecture today while Branislav was breaking down Oedipus for all the uncultured heathens who apparently can't read prose in any form whatsoever (by the by, good luck with Hamlet, fuckers.), I found myself parodying everything he's saying. Thus, I have the script in my hand... and Collapse )

Anyway, despite the rant and other assorted nonsense, I'm in a really good mood. Memories of my ridiculously long phone call with Matt last night keep running through my head. His laughter, the really ridiculously wonderful topics of discussion. I want to snuggle something, or hug everyone within reach. Hee. Anyway... Dinner time.
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