November 17th, 2004


Cheese and Wine

Once again, it is early. Once again, I don't care.

Ok, so, here's the earth we got more faux wine. It's incredible! It's "alcohol removed" White Zinfandel with the beautiful cork of doom! We had to go get a boy to help us with it. Although, we have several cheeses(brie and colby jack) with crackers to accompany our wine, and there is much rejoicing. We also have Andes mints, Egg Nogg, and "Holiday Spice" Pepsi[wtf?].

So, I've got my History Paper half done, and I am hereby taking back any thing I've ever said that referred to footnotes in a negative manner because I have succeeded in using up an entire third of the second page of my paper with them. This is a very good thing because I had an epiphany this morning. I. don't. want. to. write. any. more. papers. At the end of this week I will have written 15 papers within 14 days and that is not a ratio that I like. Granted, now that I only have one more after this one, and then all I have to do is my Meteorology and Mathematics[M&M? Yes. It's early in the morning. I apologize.] and I'm home fucking free. The drive followed by the cheese and wine really helped me calm down and put things in perspective. Oh, and speaking of cheese, and more specifically brie...

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