August 10th, 2004


Grey. So much grey.

It has been the most melancholy, un-summer-like day in the history of cloudy summer days. Seriously, it never got above 70 today always, always looked like it was 45 seconds away from pouring rain even though it never did, had the wettest, coldest wind ever...I mean suck. It made everything look pale and dying and bleh. This summer has been so lame, but this day was just downright depressing.

However, it was a productive day. Definitely one of those days where you don't leave your bead or couch, curl up with a chai and your down comforter and light candles to counteract the gloom of the outdoors. But I got about a third of "my" spanish done. I picked another half a bag of green beans today, as well as a small bowl of cherry tomatoes and a zuchini the size of my arm; I swear it's the size of a toddler, it's terrifying. I also made pretzels dipped in white chocolate, cooked dinner... and I am, yes I know I've said this before, going to work on HP in HT because I have a 20 oz. chai in front of me and the desire for progress. So after this entry I promise I will sally forth and do so.

I began straightening my room today to prepare for move-in. Maybe I'm a little eager, but this town is e-a-t-i-n-g m-y s-o-u-l! On the brighter side, Matt comes home on Friday and I'm really excited to see him again. However, on the darker side of that, I haven't talked to him in like a week and am really kinda worried. Something feels out of place... but it might just be my nerves, because I'm scared shitless. So I'm just gonna roll with it. I'm probably going to give Kathleen a call tomorrow though and find out some particulars. Maybe that'll help put my mind to rest. The abrupt cessation of communication is just irking me. However, laundry and other things are getting prepared. I'm re-evaluating the "room decorations", because I know we have a really laid back CA this year... so maybe I'll give the cool lights another shot. I don't know... I'll figure it out after I figure out how the hell I'm gonna store my body pillow in a convenient way. It's a rascal.
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rubber spoon, rubber spoon, rubber spoon... yes.

Grrrr!!! *bangs head against desk* Writers block = NOT COOL! All I seem to be able to do is revise, because I'm totally not happy with it anymore. I think it's cuz I've read it so many times, some of the humor is just routine now. And either way, that's why I have Faith's professional opinion once I can finally finish this fuckerrrr!!!
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