July 5th, 2004



Yep. That's about how I feel... just worked 9 hours and I mean worked. Seriously, like it's nobody's business. Not only did I redo the sandwhich board, but I also unpacked literally everything in the shed onto shelves, organized it, and swept. Not only that, but I had to close before I could open because Angela is totally incompetent. Fun, huh? Oh yeah, and I'm not done yet. At 4 I get to work again for up to 6 hours! Ughhhhh...

Kill Me Now.
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There are some things money can't buy...

But money can buy you a lot, evidently it can also accidentally purchase you a toad along with your McDonalds salad. Alright McWorld, brace for outrage, fire up the PR, and explain this. I always was a little wary of the good 'ol McDonalds. I wish this would have made its way into Fast Food Nation... which I still have yet to finish. Soon, I promise.
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    Razorblade Kiss - HIM