June 9th, 2004


you tell those spiders...

Mommy, what does this color do? Fuck knows, Maggie, now move along. Anyway... in the complete and utter lack of any form of decent and/or intelligible thought, I write this simply because it is imperative that I get this out... I believe that I am doomed.

So... I woke up this morning, picked up my glasses and they broke. I first thought the screw popped out because it broke at the hinge... but no... the screw itself broke. No hope in repairing them at present. Also, today at work has been a prime example of the fact that I am a magnet for rotten luck. The sink in the kitchen got clogged at the base because it's poorly made and my co-workers had shoved a copious amount of lettuce down the garbage disposal earlier so there was this backed up crud that looked like vomit all in the under-sink cabinet and Virlo and I had to clean it up... 3 times... because we'd get it cleaned up... bleach it to make sure no bacteria grew or anything... and 10 minutes later it'd be a fountain again without explaination. No water had been running, therefore... pure foul luck. Then we had to call the bosses and disturb them at 9 when it simply refused to stop imitating the hoover dam. Unfortunately, there's more. The construction crew put down our sidewalks today, and one of the steps required in making them was that they, the crew, run around and blast extra bits of ill-shaped concrete about with high-powered jets of water so that the sidewalks will be aesthetically pleasing. Being courteous folk, and having sprayed dirt and dust and cement all over our storefront, they then take a hose and decide to hose down the building. This building was made in the early 1900s as a blacksmithery and since then the brick-work has developed some, fault lines shall we say. This hose was akin to those used to wash cars, super powered jet spray... well... I look down and notice mud, leaves, dirt, and other assorted materials shooting out from the floor below the window. On top of all of this, I am now required to redo all the pricing, re-type the closing sheets, and I got 2 dollars in tip today. Not only that, but Alyssa showwed up today and stayed at the coffee house for hours. She proceeded to talk about the injustice of her mother wanting her to do chores around the house while she's home. Not something I want to hear, nor particularly care about, nor do I think it is incredibly unreasonable. I got home, and in a battle for the I Monster single I've been tracking for a week... lost it by being outbid in the last 30 seconds. I tried to call Matt, because I didn't last night and instead sent him a large e-mail due to the fact that I was at work until 10:30...and today he was on the other line with someone else, so no dice. Now, on top of it all, I have a migrane and feel as though I may vomit. So... I believe that it is completely obvious that...well.. God hates me.

Tomorrow I am supposed to hang out with Chris A. John leaves tomorrow and I didn't get to say goodbye. I feel really badly about that but he doesn't have a phone... I really miss Matt too. I want to talk to him, I don't even really know what about. I just want to talk to him because it always cheers me up. Vacation in 3 days. Thank God. Right now, I want to go dance in the rain. It's supposed to storm so maybe I'll give it a shot. If my head doesn't explode, that is. Ugh...

Oh yeah... and now livejournal apparently doesn't remember that it posted this... can't find the entry, so here I am posting it again... And I'll probably wakeup tomorrow to find two of these and have to delete one. Won't that be nice.
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Down and Out in Vegas, with Amphetamine Psychosis again?

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Dammit Faith... I knew you couldn't be trusted.

Today was weird. I helped my dad install a new exhaust system on our motor home and am officially a grease monkey. I totally haven't taken a shower yet either, because I'm too lazy. I did jump in the lake earlier though, and that was quite enjoyable. Chris was supposed to come too but he just disappeared. Tomorrow on the way back from Madison I think I'll stop over at his house and kick his ass out of bed. That'll be sufficient payback. I'll make sure to bring breakfast making supplies so the wont have an excuse not to make me food.

Tomorrow I get my paycheck... booya. I'm going to go buy some new calligraphy supplies because my old pen and ink have disappeared and I don't know where they've gone. Plus, I'm going to get ink that matches my new stationary because I am the queen of all dorkdom. Which is exactly why I almost cried when I finished my Sherlock Holmes book today earlier. I need more Sir Arthur Conan Doyle goddammit! Bloodwork simply wont cut it. At least I have a good, healthy dose of Hunter S. Thompson... because everyone needs a good daily dose of weird, and we all know... "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

I got to talk to Tynan tonight, and that cheered me up. I've really missed chillin' with him. It feels like I haven't talked to him in forever, he's never online. Neither is Faith for that matter and I want to discuss Harry Potter with her! I finally got ahold of Matt today and I got him laughing again... no more melancholy Matt, which made me feel better, less hopeless. Hopefully I'll go visit him 4th of July weekend. I have to talk to Katie about it... but now John is gone into that beast known as the military too, and I didn't get to say goodbye, and that really bothers me. I know he'll be back in 9 weeks but it's going to be hell for him. But next week is vacation time and all will then be easy peezy lemon squeezy. That's right. Now I'm off to bed, or to try to finish that patch. It's coming along nicely... I think Matt'll like it. He sounded excited, I'm really glad I talk to him so often. Being in Cambridge it's so easy to feel completely isolated and pessimistic about everything, and the conversations we have make propinquity unnecessary, although definitely preferred. It's just weird not being able to call him up to watch some bizarre foreign film or listen to some old, forgotten jazz artist. But the time will come again... hopefully soon. I just want my best friend back, damnit.
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