May 21st, 2004


Copied from my reply to Faith

I'm amused with myself. I can't believe this rant was written so well, and therefore I can't deprive you of this one.

So... Milwaukee has spent 4 BILLION dollars on a "deep tunnel" sewer system... (basically it's this retarded basin beneath the city into which all forms of crap... ie... rain run-off, human feces, garbage disposal crud... etc... is collected. In short, it's vastly ineffective and they should separate the sewers like everyone else on the goddamn planet.) Well... we've been hit with a shitwad of precipiation... seriously it's insane (and pouring right now too... haha to that) Anyway... they spend 4 BILLION dollars to reduce sewage leakage, dumping, etc. In the past week... WEEK... they have dumped 1.5 BILLION gallons of raw sewage into Lake Michigan. Now... to illustrate this point... take a bath tub... fill it full of sewage... to get to a measly million you'd need 20,000 bathtubs. And a billion... being a thousand million... do the math. That is enough sewage for every man, woman, and child in the united states to have a gallon of sewage... and dump it into the lake. If someone were to take and dump in a gallon bucket of sewage every minute... it would take them roughly 350 YEARS to do what MMSD has done in a week. And here's the gem.

"I am proud, to live in a community where the sewage overflows so infrequently, that when it happens it's a front page news story." - The PRESIDENT of MMSD

PR has obviously failed on this one. That's right, gloat about your failure and creation of an ecological disaster, as well as wasting 4 Billion dollars of tax payer money. Thumbs up.
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I can't take it anymore...

This country is so obsessed with being "thin" and frankly, it is disgusting. I dont want to seem like I'm getting swept up in the Olsen Twins hype, because I'm seriously annoyed by them and actually creeped out a fair amount... but the following pictures that news thingers have thrown at me make me want to vomit. Has our obsession with weight really gone this far?

Pencil Legs.

look at her farther arm..

It kind of reminds me of a hollocaust victim. With the exception that she has enough money to feed Moldovia, let alone herself, and minus the maniacal tyrant. There are millions of little girls that look up to her. It's just sad.
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I got a B- in Human Geography!!!

Didn't expect that one. Another thing I didn't expect is to get a distressed phone call from Matthew. He seems so subdued today, telling me the doesn't think there's any hope and that he'll be changed forever. Asked me earnestly to call him again tonight. I miss him so much, I wish I could make this all disappear. I can feel the tension created by his anxiety and I wish I could save him. It just makes me all the more determined to go see him. I hope to cheer him tonight... I still love that kid so much, I'd do anything I am capable of.

If there's anything to say,
If there's anything to do,
If there's any other way,
I'll do anything for you.

If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this exact same sentence in your journal.
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