May 20th, 2004


SLAM goes the coffee cup gavel

Irritation... Agitation ... Occupation ... no Motivation.

Therin lies the problem, ladies and gents. Simply put. I don't wanna. I believe I'm going to take a mental health... block of about 5 hours and go get myself hopelessly sunburned, making getting up at 4 tomorrow to be at work by 5 all the more uncomfortable. Masochism. No, I'm not striving for skin cancer or sunburn, it's just probability and I wish to be outside. I believe I am going to go down to the lake and read and crochet.. just me, because god knows there's no one else in this town that would even consider doing that. Maybe I'll make myself a little picnic lunch. That'd be nice.

On the other hand, Caitlin is home and jesus god in heaven I thank thee! We both have similar feelings of despair, being locked in these gossipy we-have-the-depth-of-a-kiddie-pool towns. Tonight, after her doctors appointment we are going to go forth to State St, if all goes according to plan, and we will invade the antique book stores and hopefully catch a free show or come home and watch Amelie... that would be splendid. I'd have to bust out my speakers because I haven't unpacked them yet but that would be wonderful too, I miss listening to my music at very loud volumes.

However, it is gorgeous outside and therefore I am going to go forth, take a shower, put on a swimsuit and go out to my pier and lounge. And hopefully, it'll be just what the doctor ordered.
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Feel the burn.

Well... I'm back from the lake which is depressingly cold, I wish I could have gone swimming... however, I did read some Sherlock, crochet a square, eat my "picnic lunch" and I am currently a charming shade of pink. However, I fear that in a few hours it wont be so charming. Instead, I'm thinking it'll be more along the lines of painful.
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