April 26th, 2004



Assholes do vex me!

Oh man... tonight was so relaxing. We went to the grocery store around 11 because faithlynn, Britta, and I were harboring a powerful lust for wine. Unfortunately, as we are all underage we settled for - equally and suprisingly satisfying - Meier's Sparkling Cold Duck... oh man. Meiers... Good People. We began with Kristian Regale Swedish Peach Sparkler, however it pales in comparison to the former. In fact, I believe we may return to purchase more. So relaxing, I feel so incredibly at ease.

I fell in love with the Fugees all over again, which is odd because, as a general rule, I don't really get into much hip hop. Anyway, The Score is an excellent piece of work. However, good music, cheese and faux - yet utterly amazing - wine, and knowing that Matt just flew out of Texas 8 minutes ago, gives me great joy. Tomorrow I should get a phone call... if I'm at class when he calls, I'm going to be very upset. However, there are many things that can go wrong tomorrow. Such as, if Matt screwwed up sometime over the weekend [which is likely] he wont be able to call. Also, and even more disconcerting, Shane might end up in jail tomorrow... but hopefully all goes well.

" It spring. No write paper. We am shot. " - Me [with the assistance of magnetic college poetry]
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    Mista, Mista - Fugees

And now for something completely different...

And now! For the latest update in faithlynn and my odd behaviour, we have upgraded, yes, upgraded our moat. As several of our peeps have fallen victim to the powers of the microwave, and as of a few minutes ago we found ourselves with a large bucket of ice-water that had been used to chill our false-wine... we have now reconfigured our moat into an intense obstacle course... consisting of the brave remaining peeps, the empty bottles - labels removed - brandishing the messages "Non-Alcoholic" on one and "Hiccup" on the other, the large bucket of extremely chilly ice water, and two blue cups of water. If only we had blue food coloring...

Alas... now it is time for bed.
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