October 1st, 2003


the sun shines but I don't...

Note to self: Re-discover how to govern emotions and tactically ignore them.

Note to self: Until previously stated goal is achieved, dilute yourself when necessary. Avoid extremes.

Note to self: Think happy thoughts. Stop watching downer movies.

Note to self: Stop taking so many drugs. Hypoglycemia + pills = hospital visits.

Note to self: Avoid sharp objects. Buy resolve to remove stains from carpet.

Note to self: Go to class. It at least serves as a good distraction.

Note to self: Don't distract yourself to the point of losing who you are.

Note to self: Don't hurt yourself to prove you're real or that you aren't completely numb.

Note to self: Hide sharp objects. Get more Resolve. Wear bracelets.
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    The World is a Vampire - Smashing Pumpkins