August 11th, 2002


i'm freeeeeee!!!

whatever color this is...I'm finally off grounded!!! Now I can stop sneaking out! There was not a day when I followed my grounding sentence, so there was really no point to it. Although, they did stop me from doing a few things I have a nasty little habit of finding loopholes in everything. This is what I did on my escape last night...

I want to ditch the logical.

I really wanted to watch the meteor shower but my dad wasn't going to let me stay up until 3 to watch it... or wake up to go out and catch it, just because he's a jackass. So rather than miss it completely I decided to walk down to the pier and watch some of it. I made sure of course, to tell chris and tosha where I would be when for them to meet me. =] They showed up at my pier and we chilled there for an hour & a half. We did the normal, talk about hitting things with golf carts, whipping shitties in golf carts, fat people on motorized scooters running into golf carts, you know. We took turns using each other as pillows, took turns explaining which light across the lake was more annoying to us, saw a few meteors and whatnot. Then we busied ourselves with a plan to rid the world of all it's Pontiac Aztecs because they're fugly. Chris was praying that we didn't see one because Tosha and I hate them and tend to get kinda vicious upon siting one. And seeing as that since she and I got bored we started using chris's fingers as our chew toys...he didn't want us biting too hard. Tosha has made him bleed before, but she has really sharp teeth and tends to bite hard. Me, only affectionate love bites from this end but his fingers were all pruny-ish. It was funny. Every time we saw lights that looked like possible Aztec lights, we would growl and chris would wimper and say, "Please dont let that be an Aztec! I want my fingers to stay on my hands!" It's cute, if you tickle him he screams like a 10 year old school girl. It's really fun to do the little belly fart thing on Chris, he has a nice stomach too. But the lake was cool cuz you could hear everyone that was outside. So you could listen in on like 3 conversations, and the drunken ones were hilarious. Unfortunately, Tosha's dad picked them up at 11:30 and I had to walk my arse home.

Maybe soon I'll figure out what life is all about. My heart is so filled full of doubt.

Once again...I am awake way too fackin' early and I'm really hungry but we have no food in this house. However, I do have money thanks to work! I got $13 in tip yesterday. Go me! Plus I had money from the last three days I've been getting tip and havent been able to fackin' use it! I get paid tomorrow though anyway and tonight I'm going with Chris to go see the Croc Hunter movie. However, that doesn't stop me from being hungry now. I have half a mind to go to the store, but it's so far and that takes so much effort. Too much moving. My dad and my brother left so I have no vehicle. I could go for an early morning scooter ride on the fackin' highway. I donno. I work at 11-5. Chris is going to come visit me and keep me company! =] I'm excited. I think I am going to go to the store though because I can.

Dont you fucking tell me what to do. Why must we stay where we don't belong?
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Don't label me!

I'm going to keep this short because I'm at work but I really hate it when people make assumptions about me. Especially when they don't know me and have no basis for making the statements they do. I really don't like it when people are like, "oh she's so skinny because she never eats." I do too eat thank you! I love food! Just because I don't go out and eat the fattiest pizza I can find every other night doesnt mean I dont eat! Oh, they've never seen me eat, well I've never seen them think! Maybe that's a bad example, but just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just because I happen to be thin that doesn't automatically mean I have an eating disorder. I happen to have a really fast metabolism thank you! A metabolism that is actually a threat to my health if you care to know!! But no, I'm skinny, I must just starve myself and work out like a freak on steroids just because that's my shallow motivation in life.
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