February 10th, 2002


damn writers block...

whee. playing with colors. nothing else to do. i'm supposed to be writing a 5-7 page short story for creative writing, and the thing is, i keep writing and then i get to about 12 pages... heh... oops.

thinky thinky thinky...this isnt helping me.

i have to cook cracklin' bread tonight. whatever the hell that is. we're leaving in like 4 hours. hrmm... i wonder how things went with mindy and batta. or if jon'll show up tomorrow. o0o...i have an idea!!!

The Adventures of Bobo!
The Dancing Monkey!

hmmm...maybe he'll destroy valentines day. or just fling poo and leave banana peels around. bwah ha ha.
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    By Myself - Linkin Park ... i cant believe i missed them.

hah, it's Alive!

heh, yeah i finished it. the story is completed. i cant believe i actually made a story out of it either but it completely amuses me.

entertain yourself.

i love the sick little twist. then again, i'm twisted ... so i would. speaking of twisted, the "crackling bread" we had to make... lmao. we had way to much fun. dude, there is no way i am eating that tomorrow in class. cornbread shouldnt have bacon in it, especially since it also has sour milk and rory touched every single one. so disgusting. it looked like vomit. then we baked it, and now they're urine cakes. ... yummy ...

What Pattern Are You?

</small>yeah so tomorrow is monday, which means...jazz band.I hope to god that he comes. otherwise i swear my day will be shot. i've been looking forward to tomorrow just about all week. i know, i'm pathetic but it's that whole giddy crush thing. and he's...yeah. =/

i wish he'd worship me.
will you?
... you should ...

right now i am so bored and all i wanna do is sleep but i'm not really ready to do that yet. Physically anyway, i'd love to stop thinking. bleh...i miss jon.
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    Your Winter - Sister Hazel