January 19th, 2002


its like that, psychadelic trip thing...

wheeee. great movie. today we're doing some mad cleaning. it's all good, i wanna get on my mom's good side ... i'm planning a massive movie night.

lita came over last night and we had a rockin snowball fight. it was sooo wicked. neither of us had any form of outer apparel on either. jeans and sweaters man. well, i lied, we had gloves. either way, we were both totally drenched after we got done.

talked with mum & dad last night for an hour and a half. it was a very uplifting experience. heh. i hear he's still thinking of me. i'm intruiged as to what would happen if i went up there. i'm entertaining the thought. time is no longer a concern if it's been this long and i still have my ties. in fact, perhaps it could be an aid to me. but, i'd still like to go up there mid february. i'm workin on it.
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hah...this is a riot.

You are Spike Spiegel
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i have no idea who this guy is. what the hell is a cowboy bebop anyway?

I'm Tay's Crotch!

i have one thing to say. LMFAO!!!!


I'm a shy, sensitive punk rocker, the most artistic of them all. I'm Kurt Cobain!
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What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

heh...take that. either that or i'm one of those haunters..practical joker that likes to cut through conventional bullshit. i'll agree to that.



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orlando bloom is hot. heh. oh well. i'm wondering what ian is up to. i really should clean my house like i was told. too bad my brother is in the way.
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more mindless quizziles.

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Though I have have been touched by the tests, I am still no whore!


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