July 30th, 2001



THANK FUCKING GOD I AM OUT OF MY FARKING HOUSE! God its about time! I am presently at the spiffiest place in the world...my friend avies.! Right now we are running the cool psychadelic lights and stuff and plotting to take over the world using our fleet of flying alien minotaurs.! Good great fun. Now we are listening to the great fooking hotness that is semisonic.! We are gonna do some fad trumpet playing too.! POWER TO THE FLUFFING TRUMPETS! and the amazing tootie flootie of course.! Holy shit the bass scared me! Thats the best! I just a chat protector today and i feel like i'm in the gd CIA.! IT RULES! I am a spy! muah ha ha! Thank god i am out of my house. i am filled with this psychotic and extremely dangerous energy. and im feeling quite mischevious. muah ha ha.!!!! PHEAR MEEEEE!