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It just ... won't stop.

Ok, so I just watched Hidalgo for what I think is the third time now. I have some comments.

Enjoyable? Hell yes. 136 minutes of Viggo Mortensen on a horse. Yeah...I know.

That being said, this movie has some of the worst. dialogue. EVAR. Hokey times 10. Here are a few personal favorites:
"Push her!"
"...remove your infidel self." To which Frank replies, "what the FUCK are you talking about?!?!" ...with his eyes, anyway.
Azziz: "Very...oh, what do you call it?" Other Dude: "Very... rich!" Derrrrr....

I also noticed an overal theme, namely: "FRANK! STAY ON THE HORSE, FRANK!"

Another thing that just caught my attention: So there are like 5 different times when they film him dropping the saddle. No real reason that I can gather, it must just be an "artistic" saddle. Either that, or someone has a saddle fetish, and I know the english lady does.

Seriously though, it's a fun flick. Despite the painful overacting in the beginning, the semi-hysterical dialogue peppering the script, and the sap, it's just a fun movie to watch.

I mean, c'mon. Viggo riding bareback. N'uff said.
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