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The wind is coming from the East, what the hell

Oh what a beautiful mooooooorrnniiinggggggggg.... *ahem*. I feel like shouting "CK Dexter Haven". Only my subconscious knows why, and it isn't telling me. I have a feeling that today is just going to be one of those days. I'm going to take a shower in a bit, maybe go to lunch, and then formally squee. You've been warned, it's gonna be a lot of squee. I've been holding back, restraining myself, and it will not wait for much longer. Nor will my shower, because I am a greasy chunkmonger like none other this morning.

My coffee is perfect this morning. Seriously, it's a liquid bliss in a cup. It makes me wish that it was spring, so I could just take my mug outside with me, chill on a blanket and read a whole book. I can't wait to walk around barefoot again, frolick in the sun, dance pastoral dances, wear warm weather clothes, etc. I woke up at 8:45 for perfectly natural reasons. It was beyond bizarre. In retrospect I probably should have taken the hint and gotten up and accomplished something, like finishing my paper, writing my fun-for-mentals journals... but no. I went back to sleep for no real reason whatsoever, except that I was momentarily consumed by lethargy.

Still, no class until Poetry of Rap at 2. I have time. Plus, it's not like I actually do anything in that class. Unless you count spending 25 minutes discussing the word "motherfucker", which you really shouldn't. I normally sit online the entire time I'm in that lecture, if only because Alex isn't talking as much anymore and we're just watching other group presentations. We haven't even gotten to group 4 yet, and I'm in group 10. 0_o Pardon me if I kick up my feet and slack for awhile. I might just write my journals in class... Hey, don't go all disapprove-y on me. It's multitasking. *wink*
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