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I am hooked..

electronica is love
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Hell yeah!!!

NOTICE: Cal and I have taken indecency to new levels. Oh. Emm. Gee.

So, Faith totally has me hooked on Lost. Goddamnit, anyway. Oh well, it gives me a good excuse to leave worthless theater workshops and knit. I'll take it. I hate that it's only once a week though... the suspense is going to eat my soul. Except probably not, because I have the attention span of a fruit fly on heroine.

So, Brandon and James totally edited the script less than 12 hours before we're performing, without even asking Anna or I and just expecting us to go along with it, because it's 2 minutes over in length. Pardon me if I don't give a flying fuck if we go over by 2 minutes, I'd rather not make a complete and total ass of myself by taking a script that I knew, and chopping it up less than 12 hours before the actual performance. It really irritates me. Brandon was all, "we cut parts of shakespear in less time." That's right. "Shakespear". I'm willing to bet good money that he practiced his "Shakespear" play a lot longer than he did this production, especially due to his not being there for a good portion of all of our rehearsals. Still though, you don't fuck with the script when the show is less than 10 hours away. Especially when they give me lines that belong to someone else for character development reasons, and then leave gaping plot holes. Whatever. It'll be over tomorrow, and I can't be arsed to care about it anymore.

Fantastic conversation with the Matt today. I want to nuzzle him and play with his hair. And terrorize the countryside. Y'know. It's par for the course. However, now I think I'm going to try on my "costume" for tomorrow's "performance" and if everything's kosher, I'll just head to bed. Kinda, over-tired. Haven't been sleeping for nearly long enough lately. Tomorrow night however, we'll be back in Cambridge. I'm excited... which is bizarre beyond words.
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