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When the going gets weird...

I make posts like this...

For one, Sandy just called. Her voice was so peculiar sounding that I can't decide if she was trying to do a dirty, seductive, pillow rasp or if she's about to pass out from complete and total exhaustion. Hm.

Speaking of calling... we got a message on our answering machine for a "Natalie". I totally wouldn't think anything of it because people get wrong numbers all the time, except for the fact that our message states very clearly that this is the residence of Shelby and Faith. Uh? Seriously, I came back from drawing and pushed the play button. The second I heard "this is Whosiface Google calling for Natalie about a possible ..." I dropped all of my stuff (my drawing folder with my 18x24 pads of paper, my bag, my coat, my hope for mankind...) and turned around while listening to this man trying to persuade "Natalie" to call back. EXCUSE ME, SIR! ARE YOU DEAF AND DUMB? CAN I HIT YOU? Granted, it's not that much of an inconvenience on my person because I just deleted the message, but I had false hopes. Still, does Faith and Shelby sound remotely like Natalie? I detect a distinct lack of an N, a hard T, or anything sounding remotely like Natalie. If it was me, and I heard a message like ours that starts off with "Hi, you have reached Shelby and Faith" and then rambles on about how we may or may not like you and depending on whether or not we do, the likelihood of us returning your call... I definitely wouldn't leave a message for a Natalie. I'm just sayin'.

On the subject of leaving messages... I'll quote the one my Grandma Fae left. " *sternly* Shelby Lynn! You'd better like me! And you better get back to me... or I'm gonna cry a lot. *cheerfully* Alright, buh bye. " Oh, the funny.

Speaking of funny... Miah and I were watching the news because must have gone retarded for a moment, and there was a story about a school in Minneapolis that closed today. Miah said, "What?!? How can they do that?! In the middle of the... You can't close a school on a Tuesday!" *snicket* I blame the school closing for the Natalie message.

Also, Theater lecture was useless today. These are my notes... and they prove the previous statement.

TH1001 NOTES: Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Branislav is so Russian. So Russian. I am unable, in the sense that I can't even. Yowza.

African Communal Open Marketplace vs. British Preference for Claustrophobia.

The 'Not I' Bird = Complete and Total Denial of Death's Calling... that sort of thing works, apparently.

DEATH: Yo, I knocked. Did you hear me?
MAN: Nope. Not I.
DEATH: Bummer. *leaves*

Wole Soyinka bears a disturbing resemblance to Morgan Freeman.

Born in 1934 in Western Nigeria, and didn't have a good time in post-colonial Nigeria. Much persecution from government...oh, snap.
• Death and the King's Horseman: published in 1976
• Won the Nobel Prize 1986
• Charged for treason by the military dictatorship in 1997. ... way to be quick on the uptake, fellas. 21 years? Hmm…
• Was arrested last year in May, again. Bringing the total to 9. (Amateur….)

Everyone that speaks in this class has an accent...Why is that so cool? I want one.

Educational videos are beyond lame. They will never be cool. Ugh.

OMGWTF I was just blinded by a BOOK. My corneas hate you, Branislav!

HEE! He just used the word "hinterland". Aha.

"You know, people assumed power via a coup d'etat... and you know, killed everyone else."

Another educational video!! NARRATED BY BEN STIEN, I SWEAR!

OMGWTF now I have been blinded by a video-box! I hate you, technology-whiz!

Wow, ok, technology boy is completely your standard nerd. Seriously, right on down to the glasses, haircut, sticky-out-y ears, and beak-nose.

I. am such. an asshole.

Threnody – a song of lamentation. (Branislav has said the word "lamentation" 20,000 times now omg.)

GAH! Battery life just went from 29 minutes to 4 minutes within 30 seconds. WTF?!?

Death & Right of Passage = Lots and lots of sex. veins are squishy. That is all.

“Ritualized action = Redress” I can only read that as Red Dress. Or Re-dress. Not good.

I've had 3 minutes of battery life for 5 minutes know. Huh...

Threshold = "treshh-hold." Oh so very Russian.
HAH!!! Third = "tird" ... Hee!! Totally the twelve-est.

Woah, I totally just read "neophytes in initiation of puberty rights". No one should ever make a rhyme that involves puberty. My inner 14-year-old can't even appreciate that.

The girls in the hall are screaming incoherently. I want to bite them, which is rude and very improper. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to restrain myself though, as Faith and I will be taking a coffee voyage shortly. *slluurrrp*

What's with today today? I mean seriously wtf.
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