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change of depressing events.

I'm fuckin retarded. I dont know what is going on either, i dont know but i've heard like 17 different stories and none of them say he fucked her. Making-out hardcore...yeah. Super drunk? Yeah. Make me feel better? sickly enough, yeah. Especially since it was this hippo of a girl that apparently is so ugly he would have HAD to be drunk to even say hello to her. she slept with his best friend the night before. Doesnt make me feel better.

...apparently boys need things girls dont...

. . . like sexual attention. . .

i dont know what to do with myself. Ians family inspires me to get better. My friends and my own family make me want to just not eat. Talked to Ian's dad for an hour and a half. I totally love him. He is the best dad anyone could ever ask for and i'm insanely jealous. I'm also merely insane.

............... battle bots are stupid .................

. . . i wish i knew what he was thinking. i wish i had the balls to find out. I want to just show up. I know what is the would make everything just go away. Just too many disappointments. Too long of a wait. 4 months..its killing me too. This is killing me more. He's still wearing my anklet. He still has my heart.
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