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So... about that....


... to call or not to call? Hmm... *anxiety*

Things Wot Must Get Done This Weekend!
1. Read Death and the King's Horsemen.
2. Write Script.
3. Update Sketchbook
4. Finish Massive Collage of textured DOOM.
5. Incorporate Group Member's songs into Powerpoint.
6. Find a way to make the music just play when I want it to goddamnit all!!
7. Calm the fuck down.

Things Wot I WANT to do
1. Read, read, and read some more. The Hedonism Handbook, The Grand Complication, Kingdom of Fear, The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, Woe is I... (God, I always do this. I always have 5 effing books...)
2. Write some mo'fuggin' parodies! HP in HT! Oedipus Mack Daddy Rex! Modern Hamlet in 15 minutes!
3. Drink copious amounts of chai.
4. Sink into a leather chair. A great big poofy one.
5. Snuggle about 20 different puppies. AT ONCE! ... ok that might be overkill. I'll settle for 5.
6. Um... Have Matt show up and terrorize the local populus?
7. Crochet/Knit
8. Make Nic's 'Bling'
9. Write letters to Caitlin, Matt, Grandma, and fuck knows who else. Maybe Phil?

Y'know... you'd think that I'd be able to most of this shit done within three days. Who wants to bet that I won't even get to a third? Grar. Now...BED! er... I mean, I'm going to go spend some quality time with Mercutio. ;)
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