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Who's grumpy? That's right. I'm grumpy.

Pardon me whilst I make the obligatory Valentine's Day rant. Read the following and know this, it is a no win situation for all involved. I have proof. If you're single, you're constantly reminded for weeks beforehand so even if you do get a Valentine, you were invariably already cranky sometime during the aforementioned time span. Also, if you do get a Valentine, it's highly unlikely that you would have gotten the giver anything in return, and then you feel like a jackass. If you're involved, finding your significant other an adequate present is a bitch. You don't want it to be cliche but you don't want it to be from the boondocks of Bizarro land and no one ever knows what to buy. I mean come on, it's not like couples communicate anymore. Get with the program, rack your brain for a unique, thoughtful gift, and eventually just cave and buy chocolates and flowers like every other poor bastard in the country that doesn't want to end up in the doghouse. Face it, if you don't buy into the hype and participate in the festivities you are going to get in shit from your "other". It doesn't matter how much you love the person, if they don't get some token of your affection on this exact day there will be hell to pay and *someone* is going to be sleeping on the sofa. Three guesses who. Also, it is impossible to have a romantic dinner/anything on Valentine's Day because everyone and their dog is going out . Any restaurant you happen to find that wasn't booked three weeks in advance will be as charming and quaint as a high school locker room. It's not pretty. Granted, you could plan on doing a cook-together at your humble abode, but someone will end up being burned and/or someone wont be satisfied because they didn't get to make a spectacle of themselves and prove to the world that they aren't one of the single losers out there sitting at home watching chick flicks and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Still not convinced? Well I have more. Today in class my professor had an interesting anecdote that I'd like to share with you. He tied the knot on Valentine's Day. It was romantic, it was passionate, and it ruined the holiday for him when they got divorced on Valentine's day 4 years later. There really is no way around it. All of the "I Love You's" are a little forced, the romance is contrived, several thousand flowers give their lives, several trillion calories are consumed, and I end up writing shit like this. No good can come of this.

In other news, I channeled most of my angst into a really fantastic cartoon drawing. Once I get a digital camera in my mits again it'll be up here. Keep your eyes open for Renegade Rabbit's Valentine's Sentiments. I can't even handle it. Every time I look at him I crack up. I have a feeling he'll be showing up a lot in my sketchbook from now on. He's totally my alter ego.

I miss a certain someone. We got a call today while I was incapacitated and it didn't record the number. ...yeah. I told myself I wasn't going to call today. It's his go. So, I didn't and wouldn't have anyway. It's too fucking contrived. Too effeminate. Too... ugh. Angst, I tell you. That being said... I'm going to retire and wrap myself up in covers and essence of sulk.
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