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Brief News Roundup: Omaha Session

Right, then. Ridiculously entertaining, despite the fact that I am a fuckwit and forgot my wallet. I'm going to use waking up at 5:19 as the excuse, especially after not being able to sleep due to the "gathering" in the social lounge. I wonder if people realize that we can hear every single thing that goes on in that room. Granted, we normally try to drown it out with music or similar, because eavesdropping is just pathetic and we're good human beings.

Bringing the focus back to the trip, the drive to Omaha was wonderful oh my good sweet Christ. Speaking of Christ...
♥ Jesus is my Valentine. ♥
I'll leave the explanation of that up to faithlynn. Seriously though, the sunrise was gorgeous, the weather was warm, and I was almost convinced that the last ghosts of winter had been chased off by a premature spring. Alas, this is not the case. The massive chunks of snow coating the ground will serve as proof of that unfortunate fact. *le sigh*

The duration of the time spent in Omaha was definitely enjoyable. I met Dana, and she's definitely made it onto the list of rockin' girls; which, if I say so myself, is quite an accomplishment considering my track record with other females. Eeesh. I guess it just takes a certain breed/temperament. Speaking of which, we saw 5 million puppies today! Ok, so my hyperbole is a tad enthusiastic, but still. I really miss my dog, but I got my fuzz therapy quota filled for awhile. There was an adorable black lab that I wanted to adopt. Damn you, Middlebrook pet policy! Zeke and Zoe were also very charming. We took them for a walk, which was beyond amusing. Zoe is a spaz like whoa. Though, when I say spaz I mean = SO FULL OF JOY!

Still, one thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that to me it feels like an inordinate amount of time was spent eating at restaurants. Other activities included, watching movies, dancing, going to the zoo, smoking, and a *touch* of alcohol. All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend, during which I got absolutely nothing accomplished, other than indulging myself in a little hedonsim. *saucy wink*

Anyhow, now is the time for sleep. Tomorrow is the time for class-going, paper-writing, and drawing. Moving ever onward...
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