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Additions to Chicago

Faith and I have taken some creative liberties with the script for Chicago while calmly sitting at our desks.

Roxie: Whaddaya mean hangin?
Me: And when you say mean laundry, right?
faithlynn: 'Cause I can do laundry. I like laundry, and laundry likes me.
Me: We get along real good. Laundry and I, that is.


The Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict.
Me: No. pshht.
faithlynn: *petulantly* No.
Me: NO!!!
faithlynn: No, I mean, what? Verdict? Wotsit?
Me: Wait, what? Oh no, we're just takin' a break.
faithlynn: Naw, I mean, we just got sick of sitting in that room. So we came out here to say hello. Hi guys.
Me: But you're supposed to reach a verdict!
faithlynn: What? Oh, so that's what we're doing. Are we not supposed to come out until we've found one?
Me: Err... we don't have a verdict as such. I just came out here for a bathroom break.
faithlynn: *laughs* I couldn't hold it.
Me: So can I go? I really gotta pee.
faithlynn: *laughs* Do we have to go back in there?
Me: And when you say mean lunch break, right?
faithlynn: 'Cause we got really hungry. I mean they had some bagels back there but, um... cream cheese? Anybody?
We: *dissolve into laughter*
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