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Drills and Hammers

Fact: Drilling and Hammering at 9:00 am is most emphatically not conducive to anything at all, thank you very much.

Resolution: I am going to get better, and I am going to go to class. Luverne is all, "if you miss another class you might have to ask if this is a good time in your life to take it. Maybe you need to get more healthy, more stable. Har, har, har. That's a knee slapper, Vern. I realize that you've only known me for a short term sir, but this semester my health has been fantastic by comparison so far. I haven't even had to go to the hospital yet! Anyway, yes. Sleeping on at least Monday and Wednesday evenings. Waking up in the morning. Eating breakfast. Going to class. *nods* Ok.

Fun with Phonetics. Care of Messr. Matthew. It brightened my morning, especially after getting only 2-3 hours of sleep and being so rudely shaken from my sleep by whirring drills and hammers. They're done now, which really pisses me off. If it was just a small project, they should have been more courteous and done it later in the day. This is a college dorm, no one is awake at 9; excepting of course, those freaks that have class. Yes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on, I will be one of those freaks. *repeats resolution*

I'm not barfy anymore! Which is good, because I really want to see how my drawing teacher reacts to teh drawing. Seriously though, if she plans on having us draw paper bags or something equally (or more) dull, I will probably have to fall out of my chair and convulse on the floor. That plan set, I'm off to go do something productive.
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