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Pardon me while I murder the notion of responsibility...

Wow. This sleeping pattern is really counter-productive. Then again, we aren't doing remarkably well in respect to our waking hours either. Ho hum. We're going to have to be more clever. Denial and reverse psychology have both failed us. No doubt we shall waste three more hours today contemplating another plan to retire at a decent hour, and inevitably fail. I'm not trying to be a pessimist, I'm just sayin'...


We made breakfast, though, which was beautiful. Also, it effectively made the rest of the floor jealous which is beyond gratifying. I reckon we also paid them back for all of their late-night, high-pitched vocalizations last night because I had put Matt on speaker phone on accident and didn't know how to shut it off and didn't want to hang up on him. Hah, but that ran until quarter after 5 in the morning - at which point the conversation had basically dissolved into complete and total linguistic instability, general mayhem, and a whole lot of laughter and screaming. Heh, good times. Speaking of good times, here's an explanation detailing exactly why The Da Vinci Code sucks. I'm glad I haven't read it, this review is pretty caustic.

Still... I really need to start doing shit because we're omaha-going next weekend (squee!) so I've got roughly 2 weeks worth of homework to do. Not so much with the cool. I need to write a 3-4 page paper, read Hamlet and Hamlet in 15 minutes, read Black Poets, catch up on copy-editing, blah blah blah. Realistically though, I'll probably work on the Oedipus parody a bit, do another drawing, read & parody Hamlet in 15 Minutes (with the help of Messr. Tom Stoppard), and that'll be about it. Maybe I should stop forgone-conclusion-ing myself.


Oh, fine.
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