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Hi, I'm Wee Todd.

this is fun stuff. I have an 8 hour dinner program...i'm leaving in about a half hour. sigh Until about an hour ago i hadnt talked to ian for 2 days. I miss him soo much. However today i was able to sleep until like...11 today. Sure i woke up every hour or so after 8:00 when Riley woke up. but oh well, its better than 5:30 A.M.

I get to sing today! woo!

I still need a hug. They are talking about moose/meeces on tv. I miss canada. I FARKING MISS IAN! Now they are flying the type of plane that i see taking off the lake from my cabin. sigh

We had our family christmas yesterday. I got some perfume. I dont smell anymore. I also got another scarf. scarves rule I got tribond too.

( Hmm. Moose are attracted by female grunting...similar to whome? . . . )

Maybe dad will let me go to canada now since we had christmas a whopping 2 weeks early. Today is ian and my 7 month anniversary. :) i love him. However, my mother is a farking tard. She seems to think that i'm cheating on him with my best friends boyfriend because he came over to talk. Yeah, she's messed up. She also thinks i should go out with foxy. I think she should stick it up her nose. I love my canadian, so she can kiss my bum.

� � � should snow... �
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