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So it's totally Thursday. How in the fuck? I can't decide whether I'm overjoyed about this, or saddened by the fact that my time is disappearing into some vast bloody vacuumn and I have little or no recollection as to what I did, when I did it, where, or how. Maybe it's the lack of sleep. Hm.

So it's totally 50 degrees outside. Rock the fuck on. One thing troubles me though, um... FEBRUARY?!? It's the apocalypse, I tell you. This is supposed to be the great white north! I'm supposed to be shivvering under 26,000 blankets, slurping hot chocolate and looking consumptive and tragic as I study because it's too damn cold to do anything else! ... hold up. If warmer weather is a sign of the apocalypse, bring it on. I'll take this any day. Which makes me happy too, because apparently this weather is supposed to stick around through the weekend. \m/

So I totally just spent three hours drawing paper bags. Yeah. Paper bags. It's better than eggs, but not much. Although I think today's "study" was far more traumatizing because she wouldn't let us do more than one drawing, we had to work on the same drawing for three hours in a goddamn row. She wouldn't even adjust the light to make it "more exiting". *cough* She gave us an extra assignment for the weekend too, where we draw something of our own devising but focusing on value and it has to be MASSIVE... as if I'm not already having enough problems trying to think up things to draw in my sketchbook. I think I'm going to start sending her anonymous hatemail.

So I totally got assigned three papers this week. I need to get my shit in gear, do my laundry, and I need to not forget to write the papers! ...but, but it's so nice outside!
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