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Thought you ought to know...

Middlebrook Hall is apparently out of ....cold water? WTF? Seriously, I ran the cold water to try to refill the brita pitcher and warm water came out. I thought maybe some freak had switched our taps so I ran the hot water, nope... still WARM. Flush the toilet, the water is cloudy from the warm! I didn't know you could run out of cold water. I imagine a pipe is broken somewhere and some horrendous fallout is fast approaching.

Also, I think the cookie monster has visited. I came home to find all the soft batch cookies DEVOURED, as well as the last of the milano mint and double chocolate cookies. Uhm, sweet tooth much whoever-the-culprit-is?

Also, it's 44 and it's January in Minne-fucking-sota! WTF?!? WHY ARE WE SUDDENLY ON OPPOSITE PLANET?!

So! After three hours of drawing a roller skate, learning how to fall carrying a drink tray and not spill the drinks, and then walking home in the warm springtime weather to arrive and findno cold water and three ravished and disheveled cookie bags in my trash can. I think it's safe to say that today is, has been, and will be, extremely unconventional and I'll probably retire tonight with the creeping heebie jeebies.
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