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Itunes + Random =

The following list of musical artists. This is in the order that Itunes spewwed them at us, and is so wonderfully diverse - though not as diverse as is possible, let me tell you - I cannot even tell you. What I'd like you to do is (1)copy and paste this list into a comment, (2)delete or strike out the ones you do not know and leave only the artists you're familiar with, and (3)bold the ones you like.

Phantom of the Opera (original cast recording)
Franz Liszt
Lords of Acid
Dream Theater (which had this Sax-SCREETCH! Total Kenny G. Faith and I almost died.)
Franz Ferdinand
DJ Wally
Verve Pipe
Boondock Saints Irish Songs
DJ Food
Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow
Death Cab for Cutie
Daniel Bedingfield
Sneaker Pimps
The Crystal Method
Fat Boy Slim
Handsome Boy Modeling School
Tone Loc
Aselin Debison
The Beta Band
Go Home Productions
Jennifer Saunders
Orange Dust
Kronos Quartet
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Tegan and Sarah
I Monster
Stephen Lynch
The Chemical Brothers
Milk & Honey
Sister Hazel
The Eels
Aphex Twin
Something Corporate
Sufjan Stevens

Nothing exciting happened today. I did a lot of reading... and now my brain is refusing to focus on anything for more than 15 seconds. Yesterday we went to Phantom of the Opera, and I could not stop sniggering soinappropriateomg! Yeah... it's Cleo's fault. When we were walking back though there was an arctic circle around the moon and it was absolutely gorgeous. There's something about all this snow, and snowing, and moonlight on snow that just really makes me snuggly. Seriously, I want nothing more than a good, long, romantic kiss that makes me tingle all the way to my toes. Except I kinda only want it from that one guy, and that'll be quite impossible for at least a few months...gugh. Gawd, that's depressing.

I am going to try to join a bunch of classes at the last minute. I am starkers. I'm going to try for copy-editing (again) and Gospel Choir. I really miss singing. I miss being on stage. I'm such a fucking attention whore, what the hell? I don't know. Bill called me tonight, and that was way cool. He's a rockin' kid. I need to write to Shane, like I promised I would. I can't afford to have him convince himself that I've abandoned him too. I called Phil the other day and we talked about it, but it's really frustrating. I think everything about Cambridge/Deerfield/Madison has to be frustrating. It's just in the contract somewhere. I called home today, just because something told me that I should. I haven't talked to those people since they dropped Matt and I off, and my Dad and I had a pretty good conversation, but my Mom and I got into it right off the bat again. "Hi, how ya doin? I'm doing more excersizes and trying to lose weight are you gonna pay some of your tuition this semester *snarl*?!?" Not cool.

Where is my mind?
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