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Go Gregorian Chanting! Woo!

I'm having so much fun with html code while listening to my classical music with gregorian chanting involved. Celtic harps are pretty. I'm trying to dilute myself. I'm not exactly sad, but i'm not exactly happy either. I'm just, all mixed up i guess. Because i know it could be a lot worse, but that simple and idiotic fact doesnt make this any better. The fact is...

I miss Ian.

But so many people have it so much worse than I do at the moment so i feel like i really shouldnt complain. However I constantly feel alone and like crying. I just want a hug dammit! And i feel like a total idiot. I think its the season. winter always depresses me.

Loneliness is a bitch.

Lento Placido is a beatiful song. I love it. actually its full name is Consolations No.3 in D Flat Major But then again, no one cares. Classical music is so moving. Classical, Jazz, and Punk fav music. I'm so fucked up. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair makes me cry. It feels really good to get it out sometimes but god, i just feel like sobbing when i hear it. And when you are like me, and dont like crying in front of people, and wish you had and know you need help it just accents the fact that i really am alone. And weak.

...come back already...
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