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I will go down with this ship...

I will also make some random chatter obscenely jealous of my music knowledge and attended-concert list.

Matt hasn't called yet. That fact is starting to eat my stomach lining. I need to mail his clothes today, but I don't know how I'm going to mail his CDs. Hm. I have his Royal Tenenbaums DVD too... found that in my disc drive after we dropped him off. I still have his books too. Maybe his heart...who knows? Still, I've got a pretty decent hostage list, don't you think?

I only have one class today and that's Poetry of Rap. I'm really excited for it, though I feel as though I'm not adequately prepared. Though it's a bit late now to drown myself in underground Hip-hop, I feel like I should know more artists than I do going into it. Still, it's not like I'm some white-girl from the suburbs that thinks that Chingy, Vanilla Ice, and Lil Bow Wow would serve as a good representation of the Rap genre. I've listened to Young MC, Tupac, The Fugees, H.B.M.S. and others. It's going to be a fun class though, I'm stoked. I really like the idea of analyzing all writing forms, especially one as fun as rap. In the words of Chris, "It's really catchy poetry... but with guns and shit in it." Ahahaha. Anyway, off to attack the sketchbook.
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