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I want to glow.

I am so excited for my classes so far! I've only been to one today, Fundamentals of Performance (which is going to ROCK my socks sideways!), and I've got "three" more today(Intro to Theater and Drawing), and Copy Editing which I may not actually be able to take because I don't exactly have a seat in the class at the moment. I am going to fight for a spot in that though, because I am a bona-fide freak. I might fight for a spot in the Ballroom Dance class too... I haven't decided yet.

"What did you dream? I haven't stopped, and isn't this part of it as we lay rivers where once were streams?"

This is totally my art semester, and I'm already loving it. I am such a creature of the arts, it's all I want to surround myself with. I wish I could breathe it, eat it, drink it, and possibly just inject it straight into my veins. I can't wait to get back on stage. I need a vocal performance class, too. I should see about picking up trumpet again...

"And when the race ends will we all fall down safe and sound?"

Winter weather advisory? WTF? It was sunny outside a second ago, and before I went to class there weren't clouds on the weatherbug radar. If I get snowed in, Imma be PISSED! Haha, kidding. Another great thing about this semester, almost all of my classes are literally on this block. Snow wouldn't be too bad, it'd warm it up. It's already 15 degrees, which is practically a heat wave. It's still -2 with the wind chill, because it's still Minnesota, but I think I'll be able to deal.

"If we lost our way, would we trade it now for the way found the ground?"

I think I am actually going to go to class this semester. No really, I mean it! Don't give me that look, I am being sincere. Yes, I realize that none of these classes really have any basis in academia, and that's probably why I'm 10 times more motivated to go. Seriously though, I really mean it. Stop doubting. Unfurl your brow and trust me. Faith, put your tongue back in your mouth, it's unbecoming. No squinching of the nose either, because if you do it too often your face will stay like that and then I will be force, literally forced to mock you every day for the rest of your life and I don't know if I have the energy for that. So, for the both of us, please I implore you, refrain.

"For 30 days without the sun... for 30 days we're just a little scared of what we might become..."

So I really should be doing Tynan's spanish in this downtime. I totally didn't do it yesterday. I find myself wanting to crochet, and get back to writing my HP in HT. I dont think I'll have much time to do that today, though. At least the mood is returning and it feels so good I cannot even tell you omg. I haven't been in the proper mindset to write much of anything lately except maybe a ridiculous love story, but you all know why that is. I've been a bit distracted from any form of writing, and I still need to write the newsletter for the coffee house and request that my final paycheck be sent up here. I have to mail Matt's clothes and his CDs too, but I have pretty much a solid block of classes, starting again in about 15 minutes, so I don't know if I'll have time today. I hope he doesn't mind, and I hope he calls. I've got all these great memories flitting about in my head, they're keeping me very optimistic. Maybe there is hope for me after all...

"But we're home when we're together."
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