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online tests are fun.

i'm 21% slut go me. and i'm 34% bitch. Which is suprisingly less than the average. and i'm a whopping 87% stress and the test told me to eliminate three things. The nearby fire, my homework because no one will care in 5 years, and my conciousness. Could be good advice. Mother is a piece of junk. She doesnt want me going up to canada for the following reason, "I dont want to let you go up there so you can get knocked up by a Canadian and then have a kid that i'll end up taking care of when one of you is bad enough." Thanks mom. I feel special. Everything is sex with her. I couldnt possibly be going up there to see him and hold his hand and god maybe even kiss or make out. Its all sex. I'm going up there cuz i want to keep him and i'm going to have sex with him. Riiiiiiiight. Could be the farthest from my mind, and its the first thing on hers. Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex! What a gay-ass three letter word. And a lame ass fear.
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