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Pretty soon I'll be able to build a model...

Ok... my collection of Matt's things more than tripled over the past hour. I now have the following:

3 - Tapes
1 - Tape Recorder
2 - CDs
1 - CD Player
1 - Pair of Socks
1 - Pair of Gloves
1 - Pair of Pants; no, it's definitely not what you think.
2 - Hats
2 - Visors
1 - Hoodie, which he is bequeathing unto me.
1 - Bag

Seriously, all I'd need is a pair of shoes and I could build a Matt replica - sans outlandish personality and, y'know, body. Tonight was fun, which is not what I was expecting. I was kind of expecting to play chauffeur, be moderately ignored, and irritated at the mall etc. Except it wasn't like that at all, granted Matt probably did need me to be his ride into town but whatever. We went to Shane's, picked up Schaynna, went to the mall and Matt went and dropped 60 bucks on his hair - which is not yet finished and which he will be shaving off in 2 weeks, mind you. Schaynna and I went shopping for shoes, got some smoothies, and just chilled and chatted while Matt's scalp was being eaten by the bleach. She's a really nice girl, that. It's a pity we didn't hang out more. I suppose there's still time. I just find myself not wanting to come back to Cambridge. As I told Annie the other day, every time I pull into my driveway I tell myself that it's the last time. Still, I know it wont be for at least a little while longer. Not only that, but it's never really the end unless I completely sever all ties which I haven't the heart to do. I love these assholes and bitches far too much. One in particular. Hm. Still no kiss for me tonight. I can't decide if it's really that crucial to me. Inside I know getting too involved could have some negative consequences, but patience has never been my virtue. No sir, and I've always been a very physically affectionate person. I think that's fairly obvious though. I had a marvelous conversation with Faith too. I miss the girl a bit. I'm really bummed that the road trip will not be happening, but there's not much to be done about that. I suppose I wont be able to lovingly nuzzle her shoulder until school starts again. *le sigh*
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