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YAY! hah...

It's 3rd hour on yet another crappy day but i'm trying to make the best of it. Surrounding yourself with happy people tends to help. Either that or just smile at everyone, either they'll smile back at you or you'll feel like a raving lunatic which, in turn, makes me feel a little better. Also i can think of ian and his video games. He's so adorable! I have a few favorite quotes, "Stupid Horny Bastards are chasing me and poking me with pencils!" lol. Then he did his crow caw to cheer me up cuz last night my parents were just being bastards. Thank god today I'm off grounded ness. Adam brought me a sega genesis to play so i can relieve stress and not be so bored, and well, my mother and father both had a fit. "We have enough game systems". And ironically enough, i cant play any of those for a number of reasons.
Now they are all worried their television viewing is gonna be messed up. I dont even watch tv normally and this would be such a MAJOR imposition...we all know. So they wont let me plug it in and they wont let me use it....Yep. My brother can have 3 and the downstairs television, and i get zilch. I should be used to it by now but it's really starting to piss me off. Not to mention they have to yell at me about everything, and when i'm on the phone they really love to do it. They suck. But i'm looking into buying a car, i went through the paper and found about 12 i could check out that are below 1,000 and seeing as my dad was an automechanic.....provided he'll get off his lazy arse and help....ung. Bowling next hour, i hope that cheers me up. We still dont have snow, and i'm still here, and i have to acknowledge the existance of my pathetic excuse for parents. Add that all up and you have a recipe for a depressed me. Woo. Not to mention i'm still peeved with my best friend. And these next to weeks are going to be busy as Times Square on New years. Ian will be working every day....i'll have choir and band concerts and work and Dinner Shows and Caroling and Student Teaching and Plays to go to and work and plays to be in and just....i need a vacation. Which is why i'm hoping to escape the 26-3. I know it isnt long but...its something. And i need it. I also need food. We have none at my house and me being the "stick" everyone claims me to be i should probably eat. But how am i suposed to eat when there is no food?!? So yeah, last time i ate was yesterday at lunch. And i lost my appetite half way through that and god dammit i forgot my lunch ticket again. Oh well, i have money. Not that i want to spend it, but i have it. Plus i get my paycheck tonight. Then i'll go to Culvers for some chicken.....or to the chinese all you can eat buffet...or hell, perhaps McDonalds. Or all of em? Dont know, dont care, too tired, too depressed, to apathetic. Somehow, this mind numbing typing and babbling on in here about stuff no one really cares about is relaxing. Then again, what am i to do when i run out of things to say? I miss Ian so much. But hey, if i can, in like 2 weeks i'll be with him. Wo0t wo0t! depending upon if my parents let me go! knocky bastards.. I get my brand spankin new skiis tomorrow. And i'm running out of my contact solution. Buhlah. All else fails i'll have to wear my glasses for a few days...then i'll look the part of a 'nerd'. Until then, i'm just a big DORK with an appetite.
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