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Get up with the moon.

*yawn* Wow. So this has been an interesting day thus far. I went to bed shortly after this morning's post, and at 5 I get a little ring on the phone from who? You guessed it, Matt. Shane, in a moment of supreme negligence, had decided to simply hope that Matt would hail a cab. No dice because no money, but anyhow. I picked up the little hellion, and it was so good to see him again. I already squeed [Christ, that's an ugly looking word when in the past tense...] to faitlynn, but if anyone else is interested I'll gladly recount the tale. He's here until the 15th, which is fan-fucking-tastic. I'm stoked, and though I don't know if anything's going on tonight - Matt said he'd call but I know he wants to talk to Shane about a couple things. Still, I have a feeling the following weeks are going to be fun. I'm trying the cool nonchalance approach, seeing if I can pull it off. This morning was rockin'. So laid back, we're both exhausted, just chillin', completely enjoyable.

Of course, I dropped him off at home, came home myself, and promptly fell asleep until around 3. Then I went straight into the bath which hurt so bad omg. Strangely though, my wounds feel a lot better now. I still need to straighten my hair, BLAH! I also don't know what to do with myself within the next few days. Tomorrow Brytne and I are going to go pick up the tickets for Phantom of the Opera and it's going to rock my fucking socks off, and then some. I've gotten like 4 invitations to do things on New Years, but I don't know which one I'm gonna go for yet. I'd prefer to do something with the Matt & Shane. God, I've missed hanging out with the two of them. Seriously, wtf. Anyway, I need to eat. Or answer the phone. Or both.
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