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Matt's on his way home. *flail*

I wish I could have talked to him before he left. I know he's going straight to Shane's after the bus, still I'm not ruling out getting a phone call at 4 in the morning begging to be picked up from god knows where. I just can't wait to see the kid. I should probably wrap his presents, although it's going to be painfully obvious what they are no matter what. He apparently got me one too... the suspense is eating my soul! Pardon me while I break off into DB. "I wanna know if you're busy. I wanna know if you're doing anything tonight. I wanna know if you miss me. I wanna know WHAT YOU GOT ME FOR CHRISTMASOMG!" Ok, so that last one was a creative adaptation...whatever, anyway!

So my mom went ape again last night because Brytne, my brother, and I came back from Perkins circa 1:30 am. Apparently, a mother worries when her children are out that late. Mind you, her children are now 20 and 18. *ahem* Her main argument is that she doesn't like waking up and not knowing where her children are. I am wondering what she does with herself when I'm at college when a thought hits me, and I verbalize it. "Y'know, we do have cell phones now, if you're really that worried." Yikes, apparently, "THAT'S NOT THE POINT! IT WAS INCONSIDERATE AND I WORRY! YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT A NOTE! *ahem* She proceeded to say that she was going to scream at the top of her lungs and wake up my father and the whole of Europe not going to call our cell phones for the following reason, "If one of you didn't pick up I'd be even more worried." *facepalm* I don't know what to do with her. She went crazy on my brother earlier in the day too because she was yelling at him when he was driving because he had apparently made a mistake, he told her "not to spaz" and she, of course, spazzed. "WHO'S THE PARENT AROUND HERE?! I'M SICK OF YOU KIDS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!" Um, well maybe if you'd stop prank calling certain significant people in the wee hours of the morning that answer might be a little more clear. Anyway, it's shower time and then I'm off to waste a buttload of time at the Coffee House writing up the new Newsletter and seeing if I can't override some of Katie's really awful D.O.T.M.s, I don't know what that girl was thinking. Kari loves me though, so I don't think it'll be too hard.
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