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Grrr farking ar....

why do people have to be so stupid??? I'd really love to know. Drives me nuts. They can tell you anything they want to and the second you try to keep the conversation going by rallying information back to them, they act like its all not important and what you say really doesnt matter at all. Oh, lets not forget being self centered and self involved by only talking about things that happen to you. Perhaps because i dont talk about other people cuz that is dumb and rude and downright cruel!! But yeah, i also love that people ignore me. Including my friends. Yes i am transparent, thank you. know it is so obnoxious. And they are such damn hypocrites. Especially the one that is supposed to be my best friend. Pfft. Best Friends FOREVER! Yeah, i'd call it that, calling me then putting down the phone and just walking away from it and not coming back to it. Yeah that really kinda hurts. Yeah i still am hung up on that because she hasnt even acknowledged that she did it yet. You'd think she would have called back. NOPE! You'd think she would have apologized. not happening You'd think she'd feel a little guilty, perhaps some remorse. not likely. After all, apparently i am of little importance so just keep staring at your computer screen, sighing in an aggitated manner. Not talking to me at all. Go on. I dont think I really care anymore. I should just run away. I will...someday. December 26th i'm escaping for awhile anyway....hopefully.
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