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So much to do... so much already done.

I apologize for the lack of updates. It's out of character for me and I intend to remedy it in the nearby future.

Ok, so I am hereby to be referred to as the amazing crocheting wonder. Except, any of you that ever refer to me as such will promptly be physically disciplined. Yesterday, however, I sat down and finished Carmen's scarf. It's as big as I care to make it. Anyway, I forgot to bring my other yarn with me, so of course we went straight to the next 5,000 craft stores until we found good yarn for Mrs. Petersen's baby blanket!! Mine is going to be very charming. Really light green with bright white - don't worry, it's machine washable. I also got a huge pile of patterns for making shawls etc. It's gonna be hot.

Anyway, so the drive down here was dangerous. Seriously, middle of a blizzard when we went through Osseo. The trip went well in regards to my father, though. The topic actually diverged from politics for the majority of the trip so I was really thrilled about that. All in all, the traveling through the snow dumping, and listening to Christmas music made the ride home less painful than I thought it would be. I still miss the Minneapolis folk, but this couple weeks might not go as badly as I anticipated. Maybe I should knock on wood.

Ok, so last time I posted the option of me squeeing and although several of you responded in favor, I didn't exactly um... do it. Apologies, but you'll get your fill here, I promise. The past two nights, Matt has taken to calling at some outrageous hour in the morning, letting the phone ring twice and then hanging up quickly so as to confusing and piss the living hell out of my parents. I, meanwhile, am not supposed to get calls after ten, so I curse as I sprint to the phone only to find that he's already gone, signifying that I should call him back. Well, I did and we talked for two hours last night and it went very well too, if I may say so myself. I had a lot of fun, there was laughing, giggling, teasing, prodding, approbation, compliments made... ah mi, c'est l'amour. Anyway, he's glad to be coming home and it goes without saying that I'm exceedingly glad to have him. We were talking about the 10 million things we need to do once we see each other. On the list are, go to Madison Library and rent Pulp Fiction, go to an actual theater and see The Life Aquatic, watch all three Harry Potter in succession, mothafucka! - or at least the third, we also are going to try to go see Rocky Horror and try to break into the Overature Center, as well go to the union to play the Piano within the comforts of miraculously acoustic architecture. *swoon* Not only that, but I got his Christmas present the other day and he will flip, without a doubt. I need to wrap it yet, and I better get on that. I should have brought his books home, as we're going to trade again... but I completely forgot. (I forgot a ton of shit in Mpls omg SO ANGRY) He gave me the best guilt trip ever, "Oh come on. Jesus, here I am, coming home with two CD's for you, a bunch of other ones to burn, your books, and a Christmas present and you just aren't holding up your end. I mean, I didn't even get to read Kingdom of Fear before I gave it to you. I just... ugh! *chuckle* I just responded saying I will send them to him, or that he should come to Minneapolis and get them. "Yeah, I should get the fuck on that." =D So excited. Anyway, apparently he's envious of my intellect. Which is odd, because I'm envious of him. Which makes us too right for each other. ;)

*ahem* Anywho! I'm supposed to be doing breakfast with Chris Dangerfield and he totally isn't here yet omg. I'm so starving.
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