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Don't get in my way when I'm rockin' this hard.

Things Wot Have gone well today
- Discovered that I have a B in Math! ... and I totally never went and will never have to go again omg.
- Found out that I got an A in Fiction. Woot! Maybe I'm not so hopeless.
- My GPA is off to a fantastic start!
- Cheri loved my Fic Samples and my journals. Apparently my writing is very "intense and involved." Hee!
- I am FINISHED forever with Sadie McPaperfiend!
- I think the Race Relations final went remarkably well for as much studying as I didn't do.
- Deb pulled me aside after the final and told me she was really glad to have me as a student. Apparently I'm insightful or some shit and help draw out conversation with my complete and total lack of shame. *insert saucy wink here*
- Had fun at lunch with Miah, Nic, and Greg as well as some of the cooler people on our floor.
- Laundry is getting DONE, mothafucka!!!
- I straightened the room a bit. I feel better in it now.
- I FOUND MY HAT! It was sandwiched between the mattress and the actual support of the bed, Double-you Tea EFF, mon!
- I read the forward to America (the book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction. Omg the funny.
- It's sunny and cheerful. :)
- Awww, Megan totally just came in and gave me a Christmas card. She's one of the few people in our wing that I can actually stand.
- I AM going to the White Elephant party, I swear. I am not letting my History paper hold me back from celebrating the end of Race Relations Sociology class of DOOM!

Things Wot the aforementioned have caused me to think about.
- If I would have went to class, and actually started the homework early like I started to in the beginning of the semester, I totally could have gotten an A. Granted, it's math, and therefore totally not worth that kind of effort, but still. I could have.
- Why the fuck is Fiction worth 12 grade points while Math is only worth 9? I'm cool with it, it just doesn't seem logical.
- My GPA and relative success grade wise (so far) this semester is not instilling any discipline in me. Which is bad. I was a terrible student this semester and yet there is still no wake up call for Shelby C or any repercussions for little 'ol me.
- I really need to finish my HP in HT... because I'm getting the 3rd movie at Christmas and I'm going to want to parody it like whoa, and I haven't even finished the first.
- I don't think I bitched Sadie out enough in the course evaluation. That exam was TERRIBLE!
- I don't think I shamelessly recc'd Deb enough in the evaluation. She rocks.
- Greg and I are now doing homework/laundy... and we're hungry again.
- Laundry will need to be folded. Ugh.
- Room will be vacuumed goddamnit. Nic will be killed for getting crap on my yarn and scarf-in-progress because of his inability to wash dishes. *pouts*
- I really love this hat.
- I kinda hope it snows tonight.
- I really kind of hate Teeny-Neighbor-girl. Sarah at least says hi, not this one though.
- I need to get hot by 8 o'clock. Hm.

Things Wot have freaked me out today:
- Every time I leave the room someone calls!! I come back to a message on the machine, and it's not like I'm spending an inordinate amount of time out of my room. I'm here most of the time, it's just exactly when I leave to go change my laundry up or go to lunch or to my final... it's bizarre.
- I got a really indecipherable message on said machine today. I couldn't even place the voice.
- This morning when I woke up I felt really sick and I was afraid I'd be ill through my final and unable to concentrate.
- I'm going to be home in less than 3 days. Pardon me while I choke on the anxiety.
- The unexplainable availability of washers at 2 in the afternoon.
- My history paper is due on Monday, and I haven't started. Eek.
- My Meteorology final is on Monday too, and I haven't studied learned the material.

More later, you can be sure of that.
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