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Fuck Peter Greenaway. I mean it.

Welcome to Shelby's Fucking Miserable - The Sequel.
If this becomes a trilogy, it's going to get ugly really quick.

I am never going to listen to a movie suggestion from Nic ever again for as long as I live omg! Seriously, in all the time I've known him and of all the films we've seen I think I've enjoyed um... one movie he's suggested. You'd think I'd learned my lesson by now but obviously not! I want to gouge out my eyes... we're talking serious trauma here. To think that I missed Matt's phone call for that DEMON FILM FROM HELL just tops off the mountain of discontent with that ever-so-spiteful layer of frigid ice-cold snow of pure HATRED-RAWR.

In other news, all I have to do tomorrow is take a math test, although I still don't know where it os or what time it's at. I should also start my history final... as it's due on the 20th. I was supposed to watch movies(good ones, mind you.) all day with Miah, but he has to work all day. Major suck. I was looking forward to it, too. I think I need a day of pure lethargy. I know I need something, because this shit has got to stop.
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