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God damn right, it's almost finals week.

It amuses me how the majority of college student friends I have on my lj have all written about the impending doom of finals week, or the mass of papers surrounding finals week, etc. I relate to it more than I like.

This morning has not gone well, I don't think. Here's a general breakdown.

+ got 8 hours of sleep.
- woke up hyper congested
- I. am. SORE!
- A mysterious red mark has materialized on my face. It's almost like I was jabbed with a fingernail and it was probably my own doing in my sleep or something. Stranger things have happened. Still, not cool.
- OMGSONOTA-Teeny-Bopper-Neighbor Girl was in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes after I woke up. I am one of those people that needs to brush their teeth immediately after waking so that was also very not cool.
- I slept through History Lecture. (it's not that bad but I wanted to go.)
+ I get to eat lunch, even if it is just easy mac in my room or something.
- Once again, I do not have time to shower before class. It's making me really cranky. I feel gross.
+ Got well over half the math done!
- Math is still not done. Dammit!
+ Wrote a new story for fiction. Seriously, just sat down and kicked out a story. I was in the ZONE!
- The story scares the everliving piss out of me. I don't know what to think about it yet.
+ I've come to the conclusion that my finals won't be overly stressful.
+ 2 of my finals are papers.
+ 1 final is an open booker.
+++ I don't have to take my math final!!!
- Meteorology final is going to murder me, disfigure my corpse, and then eat it. I should talk to Monica in lab today.
- I don't think Levi got his part of the lab done...I hope I'm wrong.
- Phone calls with Matt haven't been going as well as I'd like. I wish I wasn't so exhausted lately. I miss him a lot. I'm not really getting that vibe back. I know I'm being stupid.
+ It's going to precipitate tonight, motherfucker!
+ Tonight I write the LAST race relations journal for Sadie McPaperfiend! :D *throws a party*
- Oh wait, I still have to write the journal. Dammit.
- After the journal I have to start the final paper. Fuck.
- Um... I just want to play on my panpipes?
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