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If you want to destroy my sweater....

Then you are doing a damn good job! I'm definitely coming undone. both mentally and physically. And i'm feeling really quite livid. I went to the way awesome Weezer concert on Sunday, it rocked my socks...wooo. I also ran away on sunday. Not really ran away, my mom told me to fuck off and to leave so i did. [shrug] My best friend is so....vacant. Pretends to care, when she really is just....ugh. she called me last night to see how i was doing because my mom told me that we had to "talk" about the consequences of my actions. It was probably not even her idea to do it. She called, asked what was going on...put the phone down as far as i could tell and just went and started goofing around with her boyfriend. At least she could have had the courtesy to hang up. Or not call in the first place if she's going to make me realize exactly how worthless i am. Thanks pal. Ian's getting more hours so he's getting more $$ so hopefully he'll come down here cuz he still is obsessed with the idea that i cant pay for anything when i make more than he does anyway and my money is worth more than his! I want him down here but i wont be able to go get him like planned cuz i'm grounded. And i can only call him once a night. If he isnt home then i guess i'm S.O.L.. Mom is talking about putting me in a foster home. I dont want that. Being with total strangers, when i could be with people that i know and love. But god no, dont let me go there, i might actually be happy. Until then, i can just go about my business in my melancholy manner, wanting to be sedated. Why not?
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