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Oh God, what have I done?

Ok. So Yo Mama's DisFUNKtional? Check. And The Chrysanthemums? SNARL!! After finishing the latter I realized once more that I really hate John Stienbeck. I can't even tell you. About two pages into it he comes at me with this sentence: "She brushed a cloud of hair out of her eyes with the back of her glove, and left a smudge of earth on the cheek in doing it." The cheek? Um, sir... which cheek is the cheek? Left? Right? Or perhaps the cheek of her eyes Mr. Subject-Confused-Madman?! Maybe it's not even her cheek, as it's the cheek she could be wiping dirt on the All-Poweful Cheek of all Cheeks, the Great Cheek, the God Cheek. Maybe she's smearing dirt on Jesus. I wouldn't even have a problem if he wrote "her cheek". Well, besides the fact that I really hate the "cloud of hair" image. I understand the whole things-being-close-to-your-eye-so-everything-is-cloudy... but the way it's written, I get the view of a huge tangled blob of hair hanging from about 9 strands. I sincerely hope that's not what he's going for, however, it should also be noted that I wish that he would have never went. GRR!

In other news, we need groceries. We need to clean out our fridge and actually fill it with things that can be eaten. I really wanted hot chocolate this morning, so I made some but I feel guilty because it's technically Miah's hot chocolate and there's not much left of it due to everyone-BUT-him drinking it. Also, I am fiending for cheese. Not brie, that was a mistake among mistakes to purchase. I'm not a fan. I'll stick to my cheddar, colby, and other designated "safe" cheeses. Popcorn is still good though. I might have to down a bag between the interim of now and dinner, because in my reading rage I kind of missed lunch. I think it took me twice as long to read the Stienbeck as it should have, just because of my acrimonious attitude. BUT! The time of irritation has past. Now I can look forward to reading the last 100 or so pages of The Other Side of the River and try to figure out, once and for all, if the story is ever going to return to the death of Eric McGinnis, or if - as I suspect - the book will continue to ramble on about anyone else in the town that has some bigot-juice to add to the everliving spring. Why can't people just be good human beings, honestly? It's not that hard.

In other other and far more cheerful news, my hermitage is almost over! The ever-so-charming Faith is coming back! I'm very glad for that. Lobbing pens and pencils at anyone else just isn't the same. However, at present more reading needs to be done. I've got my ramen, my quality H20, and the motivation of Richard Simons. Bring it!
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