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Well alright, okay, you win.

Good lord, Jazz is fantastic. I will share! I will send Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, Dave Brubeck, Michael Buble, whatever you want. Just ask, and I'll get it to you.

I'm in a wonderful mood today. I described it very effectively to Gregory, hence copy and paste. "I'm in a really mellow, low-key, jazz-listening, coffee-sipping, cheese sandwich-nibbling mood." I want to go to Pandora's. I cannot even tell you how badly I want to be there, drinking chai or a cinnamon latte, eating one of those OMGSOTASTY-INHALE sandwiches, and reading because I have an extensive amount of reading to get done this weekend. I also have to revise my story for Fiction a couple of times... but that should'nt be too hard. Here's my reading list anyway... I'm looking forward to most of it.

Silencing the Past pgs. 31-140
Andean Worlds pgs. 193-232
Yo' Mama's DisFUNKtional!*
Other Side of the River*
The Chrysthanemums*

I guess I should be more excited about reading my History stuff... it's not that uninteresting. Those books are alright, but I know those are going to be the last things I tackle. I need to read some other stuff for Race Relations too so I can get started on the 2nd and final Bastard Paper for Sadie McPaperfiend. The thing isn't due until the 15th though, and it's only 6 pages, so I think I can afford to procrastinate a tad. I need to get Christmas presents while certain people are out of town or busy this weekend. I swear, everyone left this weekend. It's bizarre. I'll take advantage of it though. I think I'm going to take a shower of the vacant shower in a bit too. Very relaxed today, though. It's nice. I had a good conversation with Matt last night, so I feel a bit better. I got to talk to Cody too... and he's doing alright, which makes me feel better. I was worried about him for a bit. John is going clean, which is awesome. I'm so glad for him. I wrote Shane last night too... I'll get a hold of that bastard one way or another. Anywho... to Pandora's or Chipotle? And who's coming with me?
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